Understand the new science and treatments for cardiovascular and related conditions. You can be healthy longer

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George Lundberg on this newsletter:

“But the best medical maverick may be the elegantly educated physician, also greatly experienced in real-world medicine, with the zeal of an investigative journalist, huge savvy on how to gather information, and laser-focused on critical thinking. This maverick has no government or industry ties to constrain or conflict, is truly independent, driven by truth-finding and telling, and practicing rapid information throughput dissemination. I am not describing artificial intelligence (although maybe someday). I refer to public media physician journalists such as Vin Gupta and Leana Wen, and angry critic Vinay Prasad.

Medscape columnist and Yale professor F. Perry Wilson; daily newsletter writer Dr Bill Bestermann; and my favorite COVID blogger, Dr Susan Levenstein and her Stethoscope on Rome are among the best at living out, critically analyzing, and broadly disseminating the rapidly moving fronts of medical information that beg for instant interpretation. Valued physicians like these can be both mainstream and maverick simultaneously.”

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I will post the latest science and treatments for cardiovascular and related conditions beginning with the most dangerous and expensive. The same biology that causes chronic disease also makes us age more rapidly but now we understand the science and we can interfere with it. We can slow aging and delay chronic disease now. Posts 2-47 are numbered and support individuals in achieving optimal medical treatment for themselves. They also support provider organizations in producing optimal medical treatment consistently. Paid subscribers get access to that content and I will answer their questions by phone or email. I publish free posts on Tuesdays and Fridays. I put up chronic disease threads on the other days.

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Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death in the US but that can change. We would like to hear about your success in controlling your blood pressure, sugar, and cholesterol. The latest research proves that new science and new systems can help you be healthy longer for less cost.

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