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I appreciate your Substack, Doc. So I am thinking about the people who have died from lung cancer, yet never smoked. Christopher Reeve’s wife, Dana, comes to mind… And the former governor of Virginia, John Dalton. I’m sure there are many many other examples, these are just ones that came to mind right away. What about those folks??? Shouldn’t everybody be screened? Should you only be screened if you exhibit certain symptoms? If so, what are the symptoms? After a certain age, say 40, wouldn’t a scan be a good idea, giving you cardiac calcium info and whatever is going on in your lungs.

I had a cardiac calcium scan a couple years ago, it never occurred to me to. think about if they could see anything with my lungs… hopefully the doctor reading the scan would include observations about the lungs if he saw anything...

I remember the tech let me look at the scan after it was done, and I was very concerned about some white areas I saw… She said, “those are your ribs .” 😅

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